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Mission Statement
The mission of Annals is to publish up-to-date, in-depth and integrative reviews of research advances in management. Often called "reviews with an attitude," Annals papers summarize and/or challenge established assumptions and concepts, pinpoint problems and factual errors, inspire discussions, and illuminate possible avenues for further study. Reviews published in Annals move above and beyond descriptions of the field – they motivate conceptual integration and set agendas for future research.

'It's an exceptional volume—and exceptionally timely to boot. I found myself trying to put this new Annals in perspective. I tried, in particular, to cast a rather hard and critical light on this volume: Just how essential is it for the time-starved and besieged scholar to have yet another thing to keep up with? Do we really need, in short, yet another annual volume? The answer I gave myself to this question was a resounding, ''Yes!'''
Review in International Public Management Journal (2008)


Please note Annals is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal. All author CV's submitted with proposals are only seen by the editors and not by the reviewers.

ANNALS is released in January and July. 

  12.289  Impact Factor
  18.616  5-Year Impact Factor
  #1 of 217  journals in category of "Management"
  #1 of 147  journals in category of "Business"
  *2018 Journal Citation Reports
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