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What are Divisions & Interest Groups

Question: What are Divisions & Interest Groups


Professional Interaction & Involvement:

Divisions and interest groups reflect a broad range of member interests within 25 management  disciplines.  They provide disciplinary “home bases” for members with specific scholarly and professional interests.

Each division offers a range of services tailored to their specific management discipline, including educational sessions, social events at the annual meeting, individual websites that include a vast array of resources such as professional development opportunities, recognition programs, and newsletter communication.

Membership in two divisions and/or interest groups is included in the basic membership dues and are available to all membership categories.

Additional divisions/interest groups can be added above the two complimentary selections at the time of renewal for a nominal fee of $11.00 USD per division; $7.00 USD per interest group.

Additions requested that fall mid-membership term can be completed by signing in to your My Profile and accessing the Academy Profile tab where a link is provided to add a Division/Interest group.

If you wish to simply switch one of your complimentary divisions outside of your renewal period, please complete the Division Change Request Form and email it to Member Services at

Fees paid for additional divisions/interest groups that are added mid-membership term are not pro-rated.

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